Blogged [noun]

Definition of Blogged:

personal website

Synonyms of Blogged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blogged:


Sentence/Example of Blogged:

I pointed him to my blog-post on the radio vans and he came back a minute later all freaked out.

It had hopped from blog to blog, turning into a full-blown movement without my noticing.

Someone started a new blog called AbusesOfAuthority that collected hundreds more.

I jumped onto the livejournals and began to crawl from blog to blog.

That was the first line of my first blog post on Open Revolt, my Xnet site.

Everyone sent me the articles to blog, but it was the last thing I wanted to do.

I started a new category on my blog for this, AbusesOfAuthority, and filed them away.

So she retreated to blog in a cafe, posting snippets and impressions from her days with the boys, along with photos.

Lester always complained when she quoted him directly in her blog posts, but she thought he secretly enjoyed it.

She felt a twinge of regret for not publishing it on her blog—that would have been some serious advertising coin.