Blokes [noun]

Definition of Blokes:

older man

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Sentence/Example of Blokes:

Quite a shower of shell fell all about us, the Turks having spotted there was some sort of "bloke" on the Rattlesnake.

He looked like one who had found the world a pleasant place, and Jim gruffly described him as a "jolly old bloke."

Get planted till dark, then hold up th' first bloke you see an' take 'is duds.

I reckon that big bloke'll be about two fifty out after I call.

Give a bloke alf a chance to git is wind, said Pug, an Ill spin yer the cuffer.

Im goin to lay for that bloke till I gets im, an then when we advance Ill ave is elmet.

"I wonder if the bloke'll turn up," he reflected, as he puffed rank smoke from his mouth.

The dinner—thanks largely to the energy and resource of the "quarter-bloke" and the cooks—was an immense success.

I wonder what the old bloke would have said if he had known that lady was his own daughter!

I say, 'My poor flend bloke up that earthquake; have no good hat.'