Blond [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Blond:

She was enveloped in a sky-blue satin gown, or rather, sort of blouse, ornamented all round with two rows of rich black blond.

He had close-cropped blond hair and pretty blue eyes and he was a very tough boy.

The Nordic race is, like the Iberian, long-headed, but in contrast it is blond and very tall.

And greenish among the stubble, upon a spear of blond barley, with a double row of seeds, I saw a prègo-diéu.

He was suddenly aware of his thankfulness for the companionship of this tall, blond youngster.

And the sun was glancing on many a gemmed fillet and many a ribbon-decked, blond tress that fell nigh to its proud owner's knees.

At sixteen, Mary Stuart's skin had that exquisite blond whiteness which made her beauty so celebrated.

In the gloom of the church Richard could only see that he was a man of powerful frame and wore a long blond beard.

She was a wisp of a creature, perfectly fashioned and very appealing in her blond prettiness.

Bristow noticed also that his thick, soft blond hair was carefully parted and brushed, and that his fingers were much manicured.