Bloodless [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Bloodless:

Her white face looked ethereal in the moonlight, and her bloodless lips were quivering with returning life.

The baron's pallid face looked more bloodless, his accent was fiercer, and his countenance more ruffianly as he uttered all this.

Tremulously he drew the bow across the middle string, his bloodless fingers moving slowly up and down.

She traced her sin in its shrunken face, its thread-like limbs, its sick nerves and bloodless veins.

So he went on after the bloodless thing that had escaped; and in the way he met the appearance of his 285 mother, and she wept.

The ideal “line of beauty” has turned the figures into bloodless shadows and washed-out theatrical forms.

He had fought no fewer than three duels, and only one had been bloodless.

Leaving the berth with bloodless lips and pale cheek, he turned to the first page of the book on the table.

He was leaning now against the wall, his face blanched and perfectly bloodless, his eyes wild and his pupils dilated.

He could hardly drag himself along, and shivered in the warm sun as if he were bloodless.