Bloodletting [adjective]

Definition of Bloodletting:

bloody, horrible

Synonyms of Bloodletting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bloodletting:

Sentence/Example of Bloodletting:

I had no love for Shawnee or Mingo, but my mind held room for something besides schemes for bloodletting.

A little bloodletting would do Falkner no harm—or, for the matter of that, either of them.

This here business ain't going to be ended without a rare lot of bloodletting.

And so his calomel pill and his bloodletting lancet were carried everywhere with him by the doctor.

Bloodletting is the last effect that I ever expected to hear ascribed to this measure.

It might well be called a bloody war, for few escaped without bearing the scars of wounds and bloodletting.

But it should be repeated frequently, and this bloodletting then frequently suffices, in itself, to cure the disease.

Bloodletting, the removal of blood from the body, has been practiced in some form by almost all societies and cultures.

Bennett felt that bloodletting merely reduced the strength of the patient and thus impeded recovery.

As theories supporting bloodletting grew more complex, so too did the instruments.