Bloody [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Bloody:

The first thing the female needs to do is find her bloody food source.

In 1988, protests over the status of the territory escalated to bloody anti-Armenian rioting in Azeri cities.

The campaign allegedly included sending them a bloody pig mask, a funeral wreath and other disturbing items.

Roughly 70,000 veterans who survived the bloody, four-year conflict lost limbs.

The process is typically a bloody, grisly affair, frequently playing out over several hours or even days.

"So that is Jim Poindexter, the bloody villain," muttered the boy between his set teeth, and nervously fingering his revolver.

They have fought countless bloody wars and have committed countless horrible atrocities in their zeal for Him.

Such a course would tend only to bloody and interminable anarchy.

Somewhere in these woods he must be lying, resting those ponderous paws and licking his bloody flanks.

The long procession arrived at the guillotine, and the bloody work commenced.