Bloom [noun]

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Cyanobacterial blooms occur when still, warm water—like a pond—has so much nitrogen and phosphorus that the algae are able to breed and grow at an extremely fast rate, spreading throughout the pond.

It’s a condition where an overgrowth of algae, known as a bloom, removes a lot of oxygen from the water.

“The ability to tie back to business outcomes is always going to be attractive,” Bloom added.

If you look closely, part of the bloom resembles an elephant’s trunk.

Margaret Mead and Ruth Benedict were among them—and the source of the problem, as Bloom saw it.

Boston residents will experience all four seasons – beautiful spring blooms, vibrant fall leaves, warm summers, and snowy winters.

When researchers swapped the bees’ situations, the insects now trapped without blooms started nibbling leaves.

Let the thought of self pass in, and the beauty of great action is gone, like the bloom from a soiled flower.

The late roses and white lilies were in full bloom, the latter filling the air with a sweet odor and making a lovely background.

In many of the parks, the rhododendrons were in full bloom, and their rich masses of color wonderfully enlivened the scenery.