Bloomers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bloomers:

She took off Benny's little crinkled blouse and one pair of bloomers, and started to hang them on the line.

Try a bed of these ever-bloomers for a season and you will never afterward be without them.

Verily, the spirit of that Filipina in an American would have emboldened her to wear—bloomers?

Propped up with a disordered heap of these cushions sat Mrs. Hildreth Baxter, in blouse and bloomers; she was reading.

I caught the white gleam of one of her pretty legs where the elastic on one side of her bloomers had slipped up.

Middy blouses, a pair of khaki bloomers and a pair of blue serge ones.

They are morning and evening bloomers chiefly, and strong seeders.

Then there is the middle-sized bear whose bloomers, billowed by the wind, become a ridiculous fat woman cut off at the waist.

In ordinarily calm weather–yes; but in this rough sea, and hampered as they were by their bloomers and other clothing–no.

The steps sounded nearer and nearer, and a huge Nubian in baggy bloomers and a short jacket was outlined in the court.