Blossomed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Blossomed:

It is now full of its sprays of golden yellow blossoms — enough to draw honeybees from their winter hive clusters.

Dija, a new delivery startup from former Deliveroo employees, is closing in on a $20M round led by Blossom

In his presence she blossomed out, her eyes shone the moment he arrived, her voice altered, her spirits became exuberant.

The soft winds of Egypt bent the full-blossomed rose into another's hand, towards another's lips.

In the desolate emptiness of desert that yawned ahead, he saw this single tree that blossomed, and offered shade.

Behold the day, behold it is come: destruction is gone forth, the rod hath blossomed, pride hath budded.

From the depths of his mind came a warning, a restless unease that took root and blossomed into turbulence.

This was the flourishing time of the notorious Fra Diavolo, who began as brigand and blossomed into a patriot.

The full-length picture of her included a streamlined, full-blossomed and yet delectably lithe body.

These shrubs blossomed early in the spring, and sent forth their fragrance to perfume the air.