Blossoming [noun]

Definition of Blossoming:


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Sentence/Example of Blossoming:

You are blossoming here in Egypt, but you hardly let one know it when you put things on your face.

Topping must not be delayed after the blossoming, in order that all danger from an untimely frost may be avoided.

Yet, some day love will find her, as one finds a blossoming plum tree in the night.

"Not for one life but for the blossoming of a thousand lives, shall I seek my lover, shall I regain his love," she sang.

But she—innocent young Eva—little knew of the sensation she had caused by the rare beauty of her blossoming womanhood.

I touched her hand, as we paused beneath a blossoming apple tree, with the fragrance shedding about us.

On every side were harvests, blossoming fields, vines loaded with grapes, and olive-trees full of fruit.

They are like an old garden run to blossoming weeds—the impudent new springing from the venerable old.

They saw a band of silent maidens who stood in a wilderness of blossoming peony flowers, that grew to the waters edge.

Little swirls of music seemed to swell from it, blossoming in the silence.