Blotched [adjective]

Definition of Blotched:


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Sentence/Example of Blotched:

It followed a warning about a “red blotch disease” in the grape industry.

Elected last year as a reformer, Lightfoot already has some blotches on her own record.

Water and soapsuds blotched the broken floor, amongst which played two little boys, absolutely naked.

The Raven lays five or six eggs of a gray-green ground colour, spotted and blotched with a darker greenish or smoky brown.

The Rook lays four or five eggs of a pale green colour, spotted and blotched with greenish or smoky brown.

The eggs number four, of a stone colour or creamy-white, spotted and blotched dark reddish-brown and grey.

Her eggs number four or five, of a pale yellowish stone-grey, blotched and spotted with ash-grey and purplish-brown.

Hooded Crows lay four or five eggs of a grey-green, blotched and spotted with smoky brown.

They are blotched and spotted with reddish- and blackish-brown and underlying light grey markings.

On an average four or five eggs are laid, of a grey-green colour, blotched and spotted with a smoky brown.