Blotchy [adjective]

Definition of Blotchy:

discolored in spots

Synonyms of Blotchy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blotchy:


Sentence/Example of Blotchy:

I found myself confronted by a tall man with a thick black beard and a pale, blotchy face.

Eulalie acknowledged that, a week or ten days before, Baby Paul had come in contact with a blotchy infant in the Park.

The ferreteyed porkbutcher folded the sausages he had snipped off with blotchy fingers, sausagepink.

The blotchy flush had entirely left her face and she looked and acted perfectly well.

It became rough and discolored, presenting a very blotchy appearance and disclosed the formation of rust working through the film.

Last of all, James Moore was aware of a white, blotchy, grinning face at his elbow.

The stormy sunset looked blotchy and unreal, and the solidity of the water was apparent, even to him.

He worked at them so long until they became blurred and blotchy, dark like his life, a sad reflection of his unprofitable career.

I feel the scenes—I have them all beautifully in my mind, and then come those horrid, hard, blotchy heaps.

Their faces were mottled and blotchy and their eyes were rolling beseechingly.