Blowgun [noun]

Definition of Blowgun:

arm, armament

Opposite/Antonyms of Blowgun:


Sentence/Example of Blowgun:

Aynin stated that seven blowgun arrows are first prepared, including a small one only a hand-length (awhil) long.

He is a handsome little fellow and spends his whole time hunting birds with blowgun and arrow.

But he vastly preferred to go out for long walks with his blowgun, his net, and his collecting boxes.

Frank placed the blowgun to his mouth, and in a moment his pellet struck the animal smartly on the side of the head.

Their weapons are the bow and arrow and the blowgun or sumpitan, here called “sumpit.”

“Quite an elaborate display of implements,” remarked Joe, examining a blowgun with interest.

Now, as if shot from some new form of repeating blowgun, one by one these arrows went crashing into the charging monster.

Did Ulv have his blowgun ready to kill Brion with, if he should try to stop the launchings?

Brion clutched wildly at Ulv's arm, dragging the blowgun from the Disan's mouth.

"Nyjord is medvirk," Ulv said, raising his blowgun and sending a dart across the cavern.