Blowout [noun]

Definition of Blowout:

explosion; something exploded

Synonyms of Blowout:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blowout:


Sentence/Example of Blowout:

Let's chip right in and make it an everlasting old blowout—kind of a new date in history.

"It's the blowout," the mother said, as Jerry looked at her for the first time.

It was no wonder that Jerry did not recognize in this caller the ranchman of the blowout.

You see, I'm leavin' for my home tomorrow and we're all goin' to have a little farewell blowout together tonight.

He consented, and the two boats were soon headed towards the beach; but the Fawn made three rods as often as the Blowout made one.

So it became an understood arrangement that Pete was to be allowed, and expected to have, a 'blowout' every spring and fall.

"I had a blowout, and in trying to get the tire off I slipped and went flat on my back in the mud and slush," he continued.

Beyond, it grew poorer and poorer, and Tom had to reduce speed once more for fear of another puncture, or a blowout.

The weather had been ideal, and not a single puncture or blowout had come to cause them trouble.

We heard the first one and then we thought maybe someone had a blowout like a tire or something and we didn't get up to see.