Blowy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Blowy:

They had fine blowy days with Nancy up on Beachy Head above the sparkling blue water.

Don't you know Old Blowy, ma'am—'im as had the good luck to ride at Balaclava?

To our surprise the weather, which in the evening had been calm and frosty, had become wet and blowy.

It was a wicked, blowy day, and I crept into a wrecked "camion" and sheltered there, and ate some lunch and slept a little.

Couldn't one sit here blowy nights, with the candles lit, eating nuts and telling stories?

They thought it a "blowy" day, and so did a man who passed soon after in a dog-cart.

On a snowy, blowy, bitter cold Sunday—one of those days nobody wants—Rex and Wolf elected to go rabbit-hunting.

It's such a different ending from the one we dreamt when I saw you off on the troop-train with my hair all blowy down my back.

The real want in blowy weather is a dense low screen, perfectly wind-tight, as high as the knee above the ground.

It was a cold, blowy, blustery day outside, the storm being not far short of a blizzard.