Blowzy [adjective]

Definition of Blowzy:

wrinkled, unkempt in appearance

Synonyms of Blowzy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blowzy:

Sentence/Example of Blowzy:

Critical feminine eyes might have found her a trifle blowzy; the sick-hearted Basset boy looked once,—he dared not look again.

Shelton was repelled by her proprietary tone, by her blowzy face, and by the scent of patchouli.

One face (the front) was blowzy and freckled, with a small pug nose and a quarrelsome mouth.

Gwendolyn lifted terrified eyes for a second look at the brick-colored hair, the blowzy countenance.

I have heard you speak of him since you came home, but supposing he was some blowzy artist, I never cared to ask about him.

Could other men have loved at all—could any man love those blowzy, common girls of earth?

Meanwhile it gets us a blowzy character, by shouldering roughly among the children of civilization.

The loveliness of the woods in March is not, assuredly, of this blowzy rustic type.

The May sun was striding, an incongruous, provincial virgin, through a litter of blowzy streets.

It was the nurse, her sleeve lifted, her blowzy face convulsed.