Blubbering [noun]

Definition of Blubbering:


Synonyms of Blubbering:

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Sentence/Example of Blubbering:

"I don't want to wait," cried Stover, blubbering despite himself.

A spliced table was stretched nearly the full length of the long hall, and a great kettle of coffee was blubbering on the fire.

"I can't eat another mouthful, grandpa," said Georgie, still blubbering.

But poor Rawson, rocking to and fro, his head between his hands, went on blubbering softly and spoke no word.

Joe made no other response than a blubbering sound, while the tears ran down and dropped briskly from his chin.

Away with this whimpering, this puling, these blubbering tears, and these wet eyes!

Then Dollops dropped to his knees, rolled him over, looked into his face, and then began blubbering like a baby.

But the idea of a man of a hundred sitting blubbering that way!

The next instant his sleeve was against his face and he was blubbering.

The man, sobbing and blubbering, drew out of his pocket the stolen eggs.