Bluestocking [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Bluestocking:

I am not going to caricature a bluestocking, but to point out one or two real dangers.

A bluestocking and a sansculotte (not a very usual combination), she was also a woman of the very latest cry in frocks.

The Bluestocking paused and looked round the circle of interested faces.

Why, monsieur, she was a very superior woman—a regular bluestocking!

The don and the bluestocking have to live, so have the cowboy and the cook.

"Men do so hate a bluestocking," she said once pensively to her friend Emily.

This foible led an unusually energetic Boston bluestocking to refer to him in a caustic style on one occasion as “effeminate.”

Though a Bluestocking, her praise was usually generously bestowed; she knew well how to flatter.

If mine were Roman instead of retrouss, I would probably have been a bluestocking and respected by Mr. Ormsby.

He was never m., but was in love with the well-known bluestocking Hester Mulso, afterwards Mrs. Chapone, who rejected him.