Bluffer [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Bluffer:

The jovial Campers became ever bluffer and heartier and fonder of them as song followed song.

Burroughs brought his fist down on the table—and Norman recognized the gesture of the bluffer.

Why, people would be right in thinking him a sham, a mere bluffer at the high and strong qualities he was reputed to have.

"As a bluffer your little friend is quite a wonder," was Jerry's only comment when she had read the letter.

Joe, cried Jim when his paroxysms had subsided, as a bluffer youre a wonder, a real wonder!

I rather think that Dunlavey is something of a bluffer–that folks in this country have allowed him to have his own way too much.

The folded arms and expanded chest of the bluffer mean no more than the high-arched back of a cat.

Stroke the human bluffer tactfully with persuasion, and he will not act pugnacious for long.

"One last bluff of a bluffer, as Hilda would say," she muttered.

The black bear is the most plausible bluffer I have ever seen.