Bluish [adjective]

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The cytoplasm of lymphocytes is generally robin's-egg blue; that of the large mononuclears may have a faint bluish tinge.

Wright's stain gives such cells a faint bluish tinge when the condition is mild, and a rather deep blue when severe.

She watched the two children a moment as they dropped handfuls of the bluish globes on the towel.

A small island, near Cape Arnhem, is also composed of granite, in which the felspar has a bluish hue.

It was the man with the bluish cheek scar who had accosted him after the triple-killing in that office building.

The indigo plant is herbaceous, and from one to three feet high, with delicate bluish-green leaves.

If the collodion is good, the film is semi-transparent, of a bluish opal-like appearance.

Bluish dawnlight seemed to tint their scrawny bare arms and legs a deeper, ghastly blue.

The flashlight bored through bluish haze to the concrete walls.

The hall was wainscoted in oak half-way up, where the panels met a bluish-green Japanese-looking paper.