Blunted [verb]

Definition of Blunted:

make dull

Synonyms of Blunted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blunted:

Sentence/Example of Blunted:

The impact of a short-term shutdown on public-facing services would likely be blunted by the coronavirus pandemic, which has kept many Americans indoors and closed or restricted the operations of operations like national parks.

So far, government aid has significantly blunted financial stress for millions of Americans.

There are other knives out there featuring blunt tips and supposedly learner-friendly features, but in my opinion, as an avowed not-a-parent, a kid is better off learning how to handle the real thing.

If we can just hang on and do those fundamental public health measures to try and blunt some of these surges, ultimately we can get out of this.

In the bluntest possible terms — and with the utmost respect for the form — TikTok is teenagers making pouty faces and gyrating into a camera.

Nigel might pray to a pale Madonna; Isaacson dealt with a definitely blunted woman of the world.

California seemed less like a voluptuous leviathan blowing poppy-dust that blunted the memory of all things beyond her borders.

He was better fitted for the battle of life, but his susceptibilities and his enthusiasms were a trifle blunted.

Also the tender points of the fibres of the optic nerve would soon become blunted and the eye of course useless.

With them the body has worn out the soul, the senses have burned up the heart, dissipation has blunted the feelings.