Bluntly [adverb]

Definition of Bluntly:

at top speed

Synonyms of Bluntly:

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Sentence/Example of Bluntly:

New unpublished research from Kansas and Tennessee suggests that not only do mask mandates prevent Covid-19 spread, they may also blunt the severity of illness and reduce the number of serious cases that require hospitalization.

You are using a big blunt instrument, and you are crushing the economy.

The blunt-talking DeFazio had easily won the 4th District, and its predecessors, even when many of its voters turned away from other Democrats.

And, in almost all cases, the effects have succeeded in blunting deadly outbreaks, giving health care officials precious time to assess what worked, what didn’t, and prepare for future waves.

The film is an exercise in imagination and an inquiry into whether imagining the loss of a loved one and their hopes for the hereafter might magnify or blunt the blow of death when it finally comes.

Now, it turns out, those scientists are giving not just local school officials but people across the world some new lessons about how the virus works and the best ways to blunt its spread.

Shortly thereafter, a few TikTokers took the stage and ripped a cartoonishly fat blunt.

Alligators have wide, blunt heads with a rounded U-shaped snout.

My conscience importuned me to tell her bluntly that they would only come into Walsh feet first.

We first went to the German, who very bluntly cut us short by saying that he had no room.