Blur [verb]

Definition of Blur:

cloud, fog

Synonyms of Blur:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blur:

Sentence/Example of Blur:

Wall is a full-speed dude, a blur, who has been forced to slow down, be patient, evolve.

To protect the identities of activists and other users on its messaging app, Signal added a simple-to-wield blur tool that automatically reads faces on images and pixelates them.

I tested the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max side by side in difficult lowlight scenes and could feel how the Max captured the same shot in less exposure time, reducing the chance of blur.

A longer response time means more motion blur, which can really mess up gameplay.

Portrait Mode now gets Portrait Mode, so you can take pictures with simulated blur even in low-light.

A horse or a tree or a clump of brush loomed up grotesquely in the vaporous blur.

It was then that he straightened away from her and looked without seeing at the blur of light which was the phonograph.

It had been wrapped around the Baby, of whom she never thought without a pang and a blur before her eyes.

Beneath them was a blur of whirling white; ahead was an upthrust mountain range upon which they were driving.

But the time is not wasted; the conspectus is always good, and the blur that remains on the mind is probably just enough.