Blurb [noun]

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I get the sense that we’re looking at a list of magazine blurbs.

In other words, a good answer might well be found in a single passage or paragraph in an otherwise broad topic document, or random blurb page without much focus at all.

A blurb could look something like “The Trail Runner XT allows you to comfortably walk 20-25 miles a day as you trek through the beautiful landscape of the Appalachian trail”.

Then, last winter, I saw a blurb in a travel magazine about stormchasing tours.

Front matter consisting of a blurb and a list of other publications by the author has been moved to the end of the text.

It—it's just the sort of thing we call a 'blurb,' Miss West!

Matson read that blurb in an official press release and laughed cynically.

Herman had the wild thought that they were blurb writers whose jobs had gone to their heads.

Modern Library blurb: "mail complete list of titles" left as is.