Blurred [verb]

Definition of Blurred:

cloud, fog

Synonyms of Blurred:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blurred:

Sentence/Example of Blurred:

With the exception of the dollar, the screens are a blur of red this morning.

That’s easy and obvious to say following Monday night’s masterpiece, a 52-24 decision that left Ohio State some combination of smeared across the turf and blinking at the blur that just sailed by.

In pre-pandemic times, the typical sidewalk parade of assorted furry creatures — led by their human companions clutching plastic bags of doggy poop — could seem a blur, hardly worth noticing.

The analysis suggested that the streaks in these images were not actually lines extended across the sky, but only appeared that way due to motion blur, as spherical blobs of glowing gas moved through the atmosphere.

Just because a camera creates more bokeh, doesn’t mean it’s beautiful blur.

Studying it very carefully, he thought he made out "Mrs." before the moss-blurred name.

He stops in front of a blurred circle of yellow light; by this can one faintly perceive the outlines of a building.

The man's pale face and gray hair looked blurred in the half-light of the cabin.

It was after midnight then, and a cold fog made the station a gloomy thing of blurred yellow lights and raw chill.

With the soft tuft of camel hair he blurred against the peak pale, luminous vapor of new cloud.