Blurry [adjective]

Definition of Blurry:


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Sentence/Example of Blurry:

Just think of all the blurry, low-resolution YouTube videos and questionably-procured episodes of TV you’ve watched over the years.

Medical experts acknowledge the lines are blurry for kids with symptoms.

It’s about looking at the blurry future and trying to choose the right line.

Now, Apple has increased the size of the sensor inside the iPhone 12 Pro Max by 50 percent, which will have some effect on how much of your shot is blurry and how much is sharp.

So these terms they get blurry a little bit in the cyber world.

That’s cool enough to begin crossing the blurry line between small cold stars and big hot planets.

In a blurry easterly squall of sleet that night, Donald saw one of them “giving her main-sheet” for home.

That white spot—that is a little furry coat—such a little furry coat and getting so far off, and so blurry.

From there on the frames are too blurry as his head disappears you can't really see any expression on his face.

He can't bile water without burnin' it, and his toes turns in, and he's blurry round the finger-nails.