Blurt [verb]

Definition of Blurt:

utter suddenly

Synonyms of Blurt:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blurt:

Sentence/Example of Blurt:

But as soon as I see her it seems ridiculous to blurt out a speech like that the first thing.

I should just blurt it out and then flee like what's-a-name—the messenger that came to Jehu.

A man would blurt it out, and then I would know where I am at.

Demoralized, unstrung, they would blurt out the truth and so convict themselves.

Sometimes he thought that it would be more endurable to blurt out the truth and go into banishment.

Every word he uttered lashed her until she felt she must blurt out to him the thing she believed to be the truth.

I was minded to blurt out the fact that she was not my niece at all; that I had no authority over her in any way.

An inclination to blurt out the truth with panicky abruptness when he wanted to lie, plunged him into more than one predicament.

She felt a hysterical desire to strike him, to burst out crying, to blurt out the whole miserable truth.

Fowler would take so kindly to the whole idea that he'd blurt it out within a week.