Blurted [verb]

Definition of Blurted:

utter suddenly

Synonyms of Blurted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blurted:

Sentence/Example of Blurted:

Hesitatingly, and like a clumsy yokel, I blurted: I have been wondering whether you cared for the performance I gave?

A shiver ran through the people; and old Peyton blurted out, "I shall not go home to-night."

"Yes; I mean—but then—my father might not like me to come and see you," blurted out Rhoda, with a sort of quiet desperation.

"You make all the difference," she blurted out after another pause.

"Well, I got to say it," Fred half groaned and half blurted.

"I don't believe I could beat you if we raced a hundred times," Twinkleheels blurted.

"I can't think that you don't respect mother," he blurted out, and then his face grew scarlet.

He blurted out his favorite expletive, lighted a new cigar, walked his room, and chafed like a caged tiger.

What gets me—and by George, it does get me— Brinsmade blurted out, is your assumption to speak for my country.

"Those people are impossible, dearest," I blurted out when the car had moved away from the door.