Blushed [noun]

Definition of Blushed:

pink coloring

Synonyms of Blushed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blushed:

Sentence/Example of Blushed:

Superconductivity—in which electrons flow through a material without resistance—sounds impossible at first blush.

The compact dishes come in cute ivory, blush, and light blue colors.

It’s not a complicated question at first blush, but the more we plumb its depths, the more we identify additional complications.

"Oh, but dear Mrs. Dodd, suppose she couldn't help it," said the artless maiden with a blush and a little sigh.

The memory of her daily tenderness swept over him; and shame sent a blush into his cheeks.

Therefore the showers were withholden, and there was no lateward rain: thou hadst a harlot's forehead, thou wouldst not blush.

It was one of those brilliant clear crisp days with which that high plateau can put even California to the blush.

Moreover, as she told herself with a blush, she was not altogether indifferent to the money.

That is, something which makes her blush rush to the surface to look out upon it!

He stopped short, with the blush of a shy man who overhears himself, and fears he has been voluble.