Blushing [adjective]

Definition of Blushing:

turning red

Synonyms of Blushing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blushing:

Sentence/Example of Blushing:

Nature seems still to wish to keep the young and blushing girl apart from that connection which entails grave and arduous duties.

At this poem Mary professed herself delighted; for she was long past blushing at lip service.

He has often come to ask after you,” she said blushing, “but he is afraid to see you, lest it should do you harm just now.

"I have not sent for you for nothing, Oswald," she said, blushing a little as if it were a hard matter she had to speak of.

Another titter through the court-room, the colonel and the squire blushing redder than ever.

Well, you know what I mean, said the girl, blushing fiery red under OLearys laughing eyes.

"She said she must hurry back to her lessons, mamma," answered Grace, blushing for her sister.

Blushing warmly, she escaped from his lingering caresses, and then he led her back on deck.

"Yes, for it seems to bring me nearer to my darling husband," cried Nita, blushing warmly.

"Yes; Rhoda Maxfield," returned the girl, blushing more deeply and painfully than before.