Blusters [noun]

Definition of Blusters:

bullying, intimidation

Synonyms of Blusters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blusters:


Sentence/Example of Blusters:

In spite of her tirade, he had a feeling that it didn't matter, that she must bluster in her tiny teacup if she wanted to do so.

Sayles tried to bluster, whereupon the lawyer advised him to seek an attorney of his own for consultation.

I didn't want her to hear you bluster and threaten; and, besides, I wanted to tell you what I think of you.

This might frighten an inexperienced man, but in reality it is mere bluster.

The smallest only needed to stand and face him to see that it was all bluster and fun.

There was no bluster nor braggadocia,—nothing but quiet contentment that the rebellion was crushed, and the war ended.

He lost his self-command, and gave himself up to profanity and bluster, at which Mr. Cavendish laughed.

Mr. Hill was rallying John upon his gravity, kindly and delicately, even in the midst of the natural noisy bluster of his manner.

Music's melody vies with the drive and bluster of the wind, sobbing and sighing, whistling round corners and playing pranks.

The real weather gods are free from brag and bluster; but the sham gods fill the sky with portentous signs and omens.