Blustery [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Blustery:

It’s also hard to guess how the blustery winds from both public opinion and Congress will impact Robinhood in the long term.

Wide-brimmed winter hats are bold and guaranteed to make a statement, though best to leave them during truly frigid, blustery times.

Saturday night turns blustery and cold, with lows in the 20s.

It will be a bit blustery in the evening, with temperatures in the low 30s.

Such a horrid blustery day, and heavy rain coming down this morning.

He seems to have been of a headlong, blustery, uncertain disposition; much tossed about in the controversies of his day.

The 22d was very blustery, sometimes snowing; very disagreeable traveling.

The morning was showery and blustery, and it was in vain that Dopsy and Mopsy hinted their desire to be driven to the meet.

They came dressed in furs—mink, marten and Hudson seal—for it was a bleak, blustery day.

It was a wild, blustery day in March, two months after Mary's interrupted visit at the ranch.