Boardinghouse [noun]

Definition of Boardinghouse:

place of residence, usually temporary

Synonyms of Boardinghouse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Boardinghouse:


Sentence/Example of Boardinghouse:

He had a large room at a fashionable boardinghouse, and he paid fourteen dollars a week.

These remarks of Dijen Babu, my roommate at the Panthi boardinghouse, were called forth by my invitation that he meet my guru.

In one hand I would carry an offering for my guru-a few flowers from the garden of my Panthi boardinghouse.

The other time Eliphalet spoke was to ask Mr. Barbo to direct him to a boardinghouse.

They are a fine old couple, and I don't like to think of them herding with Freshmen in a shine boardinghouse.

The main point was that this furnace man had begged Miss Ryerson not to leave her boardinghouse until he returned.

We lived there at a boardinghouse, and she behaved badly, very badly.

This was one dollar a week, and for four more he got his food in a boardinghouse near his work.

The pilot dropped them at Muller's, a combination boardinghouse and old-fashioned inn.

I have certain vague reminiscences that carry me back to the early times of this boardinghouse.