Boardwalk [noun]

Definition of Boardwalk:


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Sentence/Example of Boardwalk:

They had come back to the boardwalk which marked the parting of the ways for them.

A quick step on the boardwalk behind her caught the girl's attention.

He overtook Burleigh on the boardwalk in front and went straight to the point.

Instead of taking a girl out driving or to the theatre, a young man would ask, "Won't you go walking on the boardwalk?"

On heavily dragging feet he turned to go back down the rotting boardwalk.

As the girls swung along the boardwalk they had a wild desire to shout with the sheer joy of living.

A lone figure on a lone bench up near the boardwalk attracted their attention at the same moment.

Leaving his motorcycle at the boardwalk, the officer led the girls down on the sands where the life boat had just made shore.

The pavements were stretches of boardwalk interspersed with sand or mud, trodden into passable trails.

They were in motion now; he had fallen into step alongside her as she moved on back up the boardwalk.