Boastful [adjective]

Definition of Boastful:


Opposite/Antonyms of Boastful:

Sentence/Example of Boastful:

The boastful Soviets had sent their Luna rockets on a world tour.

Most embarrassing, they made boastful claims about their closeness with and influence over all sorts of politicians and government officials.

They heard the boastful war songs of their foes echoing weirdly across the plain.

A moment afterward the Kiowa finished his boastful tale, and received a noisy ovation from his people.

They glared fiercely into the east, and murmured boastful threats against the hated foes in the distant camp.

They lingered a moment or so, shouting boastful threats against the Pawnees.

There would come between me and my page Archie Merridew's pink and boastful face as I had seen him issue from the library door.

The coward is boastful when there is no danger: pretension succeeds in the absence of real merit!

In fact, Mackenzie thought, it looked as if he had been running with his eyes shut, making boastful pledges.

The present policy of Germany is a curious mixture of underhand diplomacy and boastful threats.