Boastfully [adverb]

Definition of Boastfully:


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Sentence/Example of Boastfully:

Turning to Micklin he said boastfully "I'll bet you a hundred dollars you ——s won't hold that meeting tomorrow!"

“I flatter myself I could, too,” said Dunn, but not boastfully.

You just let me manage this, Rowena had declared boastfully.

"Well, when he saw that you were Dacotahs he was frightened," Little Raven said, boastfully.

Subsequently we learned that the raiders were Texans who boastfully declared that they asked no quarter and gave none.

Never did the bourgeoisie rule more absolutely; never did it more boastfully display the insignia of sovereignty.

Ross went on, somewhat boastfully, to explain just how real estate profits were made.

Let whatever we do be openly done, though not obtrusively nor boastfully; and this whether it is ornamental or only useful.

"I shall—I am going to be one of the greatest lawyers in this country," added the rich boy, boastfully.

One night a male character, having to say boastfully to me: "I have my hand upon a fortune!"