Boasts [noun]

Definition of Boasts:

brag; source of pride

Synonyms of Boasts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Boasts:

Sentence/Example of Boasts:

Suffice it to say that whoever boasts of an excellent violin should match it with a superior bow.

No burglar ever brags of his exploits; the poacher always boasts, and always receives applause.

Christianity boasts of having brought to men a happiness unknown to preceding centuries.

Dave Keeney, what boasts he's the best whalin' skipper out o' Homeport, comin' back with a measly four hundred barrel of ile!

It is now in ruins; yet, even amongst its ruins, it boasts of some of the oldest and most wonderful monuments in the world.

Philosophy tells us that free-will is an illusion, and then boasts of the boldness of such a declaration.

He boasts not, nor do I, of birth, nor of great family distinctions.

The cantonment at Umballa, which is four miles from the native town, boasts several hotels.

Captain Shunan had been so loud in his boasts that he did not dare swallow the insult, put on him by the fragile Kit Carson.

He boasts that through his labours in seven weeks "two hundred precious souls were set at liberty."