Boated [verb]

Definition of Boated:

propel with arms or tool

Synonyms of Boated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Boated:

Sentence/Example of Boated:

He had been all along the beach and had boated on the thoroughfare clear to the inlet.

She and her little friend boated or strolled through the meadows during the day; he fished.

They boated on the Rio Negro, fished in its swift current, rode long miles over the gray and treeless pampas.

Her set played golf, rode horseback, motored and house-boated, but they had never gone in for uncomfortable trips.

Glen had swum and fished in it, and boated on it, until he knew its every current and slack-water pool.

The bowman boated his oar, and, grasping the gunwale, leant overboard with his right hand outstretched.

They boated, and fished, and shot together; and Lawrence assisted him very much in learning English.

So the two boated and walked and sat out beside the lake until the stars grew dim—and nothing ever came of it!

Up to this time the ore had been boated down the lake, and carted to Greenodd.

Possibly it was faster than anything I had boated previously, and certainly—excepting the Yukon perhaps—colder.