Boating [noun]

Definition of Boating:

travel, recreation in water

Synonyms of Boating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Boating:


Sentence/Example of Boating:

The girls were dressed in such boating costumes as gave them the very freest movement, and they both used the paddle skillfully.

Once upon a time she had fascinated Worse when he was a mate, during a certain boating excursion by moonlight.

It is said that the ground our trenches now occupy will soon be turned into a lake, and we shall have to go boating there.

There are two boating clubs in existence which provide regattas for the encouragement of sailing.

Mildred and I are walking on the towing-path arm in arm, and I dont approve of boating for her because I dont like it myself.

Jup was the most experienced sailor among us, though we all knew enough about boating to undertake such a voyage without fear.

I've done a little ice boating; but not on the scale that it's done up here.

Later, when there is ice boating, we have some great sport up here.

Yet it did not prevent a few sighs being spent on the boating.

None the less, they were plainly human beings—what other creatures would be boating?