Bobbed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Bobbed:

By arranging objects in specific ways, Alice tries to set puzzles that are hard for Bob to solve.

As they learn, Alice sets more complex puzzles and Bob gets better at solving them.

At the end, Bob calculated how fast and how accurate participants were when responding to the words and non-words.

When Bob tested participants during the day, he got exactly the results he expected—strong primes like right produced three times as much priming as weak primes like thief.

Bob’s results suggested his participants’ brains were activating strongly related words three times more effectively than they were weakly related words.

Given these assumptions, a Bell test involves two parties, Alice and Bob, who make measurements on numerous pairs of particles, one pair at a time.

“I am sure they are going to use my idea,” Belle Ringold said, with a toss of her bobbed curls.

She smiled and shook her bobbed curls and altogether acted in a rather ridiculous way.

At every step she took, her golden curls bobbed against her cheek, and so limping she sat down on a bank by the roadside.

Talpers bobbed his head, but not enough to break the stare he had bent upon the girl, who flushed under his scrutiny.