Bobbing [verb]

Definition of Bobbing:

bounce up and down

Synonyms of Bobbing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bobbing:



Sentence/Example of Bobbing:

Then he clapped his fiddle under his chin and without more ado struck up "Bobbing Joan."

Therefore, I smoked my cigarette without misgiving, and kept close watch for bobbing black dots against the far-flung green.

He ran from the stamping mill, his camera bobbing from the strap around his neck and his tripod dragging behind him.

Maggie gave a funny, bobbing little courtesy as the older girls went out.

A street car slipped past, bobbing down the track like a duck sailing over ripples.

I had a weird, strange feeling, for I saw heads now and then bobbing up in the distance.

At the rueful outcry, Clifford turned, just in time to see the bobbing bundle disappear in the muddy water.

The congregation reminds me of a clover field, with the butterflies hovering over its gaily-colored, bobbing heads.

The buoyant casks persisted in bobbing up to the surface, escaping now and then from their hands.

All along the journey little absolutely unnecessary villages kept bobbing up to impede the progress of the train.