Bobble [verb]

Definition of Bobble:

disorder, dirty

Synonyms of Bobble:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bobble:

Sentence/Example of Bobble:

Nothing, that is, except an uncertain bobble of sea, overspread by a wind-driven mist which kept the wary under cover.

"It is too bad that I make so much bobble," said the Chinese lad to his friend one day.

When I seek to do what I supremely consider to be for the best I make a bobble.

He could distinguish that there was something; and that the something seemed to bobble.

She was weeping, too, her head vibrating like a bobble-doll.

This, like all other counter-currents—wave or otherwise—tossed up a bobble of dispute when the two clashed.

She jess reads right straight along from cover to cover without a bobble.

I say, Mr Red-beard, hubba doorum bobble moti squorum howko joski tearum thaddi whak?

He turns her north on the bullyvard, without a skip or a bobble, and she runs smooth as grease.

I don't know—I don't feel half as sure of myself as I did before I made that bobble in town.