Bobcat [noun]

Definition of Bobcat:

large cat

Synonyms of Bobcat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bobcat:


Sentence/Example of Bobcat:

It saved me once when I fought a big bobcat with only a knife.

"I—I killed a bobcat up in the mountains," Stacy Brown informed them, with enthusiasm.

A wounded bobcat is nothing to be laughed at, and we may get some beauty scratches before we can finish him.

Or was it the other bobcat that came around to smell the pelt of his mate, and gave you something of a tussle?

In the United States, what is commonly called a wildcat is really a species of lynx—the bay lynx—often called bobcat.

It was a proved fact that a man on foot cannot catch up with a bobcat that is also on foot.

Shotgun in hand, he'd spent a fair portion of yesterday tracking a bobcat on the snow.

But he must have done something wrong, or perhaps the bobcat he followed had not been sufficiently moonstruck.

It followed that the hunter had nothing to do except rile the bobcat into a lather and then sit down and wait.

This animal is known to the fur trade as the wild cat and is also known in some localities as the Catamount and the bobcat.