Bodyguard [noun]

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The manifest annoyance of her household was thus easily accounted for, but he marveled at the strength of her bodyguard.

The Gov.-General courteously proposed to send a large bodyguard to his consulate, but it was not necessary.

When the young chief formed his special bodyguard, called the Guides, he placed him at their head.

Atter many Yankees had passed dey put a bodyguard at de door of de great house, and didn't 'low no one to go in dere.

Numerous slaves followed on foot, and a band of gladiators not infrequently acted as escort and bodyguard.

I judged the bodyguard met them just above here, and there was a grand mix-up, but we couldn't see well at the distance.

The lieutenant turned his horse, and, followed by his bodyguard, rode home in a very ill temper.

Then followed his bodyguard, Strelitzi, consisting of volunteers from the poor nobility.

You shall not throw away a commission in the Bodyguard of the greatest Court in Europe.

Yesterday afternoon the Bodyguard, as they call them—all fat hogs, mark you—gave a dinner in the theatre to the Flemish Dragoons.