Boggy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Boggy:

It ended in a broad open moor, stony; and full of damp boggy hollows, forlorn and desolate under the autumn sky.

We worked rather towards Bertry, avoiding woods and boggy bits, but the line wasn't easy to keep.

Occasionally a more insecure area was encountered, where one of us would go down to the thighs in the boggy ground.

As the soil is soft, and the slope very gentle till near the Miosson, the bottom of this hollow may well have been boggy.

Boggy pools there are, especially on the western side (all drained in our time).

The moor was boggy, and he crossed patches of quagmire which trembled even under his light weight.

Miller managed to spring across a boggy place to a tree a few feet distant, and then he climbed up into it.

But a real bog ken is one that is built over boggy or marshy places too soft to support an ordinary structure.

For fourteen hours the troops had groped their way along the boggy roads: and they had marched but one-and-twenty miles.

The floor of the shed had been laid la corduroy styleas so many boggy roads are built upon in the west.