Bohemian [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bohemian:

In 1904 there was only one drinking-saloon, kept by a Bohemian-born American, who paid $6,000 a year for his monopoly licence.

Mrs. Sin was well known in certain Bohemian quarters, but was always spoken of as one speaks of a pet vice.

John Huss, a Bohemian clergyman who had adopted the opinions of Wickliff, was burnt at the stake.

She was a very literary young woman, much spoken of in Bohemian circles for elegance and graciousness.

There is something peculiar in butter prepared in this way, as it is known in other countries by the name of Bohemian butter.

The Bohemian revolt made famous by the name of John Huss, was quite as much political and social as religious.

Unbucolical to the last degree was the spirit in which our Bohemian tended the flocks next morning.

Through Brook Street to the upper Bohemian quarter, where third-rate music-hall artists appear.

The old Bohemian was there, in a humble attitude, little conformable with the effrontery natural to his race.

Michael involuntarily moved towards the gangway, as the Bohemian troop was leaving the steamboat.