Bohemianism [noun]

Definition of Bohemianism:

belief, behavior different from most

Opposite/Antonyms of Bohemianism:

Sentence/Example of Bohemianism:

To trace to them the origins of Bohemia would be an error, for they never had any part or lot in Bohemianism.

This little bit of Bohemianism, as they called it, was a delight to her.

For in spite of the constitutional Bohemianism of his nature, he is still far from being a cosmopolitan.

Mention may be made in passing, however, of Robert Browning, whose cordial detestation of Bohemianism is so well known.

There was, it is true, a certain kind of Bohemianism among the men that proved dangerous to more than one fine, promising mind.

There was a good deal of what came to be called Bohemianism among them, and it was not of the artistic type.

It is the headquarters of Bohemianism, and Mrs. Grundy now shivers with holy horror when she thinks it was once her home.

At first this Bohemianism pleased me, but before very long it led to my losing the last shred of respect which I felt for her.

The etiquette of the Palace however, offended Ludwig's love of Bohemianism, especially the dressing for dinner at a certain time.

The students, bizarre and unkempt in the bohemianism of their cult, mixed colors on their palettes as they listened.