Boisterously [adverb]

Definition of Boisterously:

with great force

Opposite/Antonyms of Boisterously:

Sentence/Example of Boisterously:

Then there’s the boisterous Miller, from whom the words flow freely.

An overshadowed state, not known for much in particular except chemicals, credit cards and other corporations, consistently overshadowed by its more boisterous neighbors.

Police have the ability to declare a gathering unlawful, “whenever two or more persons assemble together to do an unlawful act, or do a lawful act in a violent, boisterous, or tumultuous manner,” according to state law.

We hurried back to the fire, Maloney talking boisterously about his proposed hunt.

I am sure I never overflowed quite so boisterously, sighed Mrs. Belding.

In that mood he would have avoided Captain Zoradus Wass if he had spied that boisterously cheerful mariner in season.

The others, now that the fire was, out, seemed to think the incident boisterously amusing.

This connection, like every other I formed; or was led into contrary to my inclination, began rather boisterously.

It was sung boisterously, in a defiant tone of mockery of the desire it expressed, and thus tremendously gained in pathos.

I laughed—not loudly, not boisterously, it was very delicately, very neatly done.