Boisterousness [noun]

Definition of Boisterousness:

sound that is loud or not harmonious

Synonyms of Boisterousness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Boisterousness:

Sentence/Example of Boisterousness:

The river-driver loved excitement for its own sake, and behind his boisterousness there was little evil.

These, too, were talking over the situation, but with a breezy boisterousness which was absent in their elders.

During the rest of the day he was very quiet and sat gazing before him His boisterousness had vanished.

Paula seemed seized with a spirit of boisterousness quite unlike her usual behaviour.

It is good humor and boisterousness and the jollity of the Fair time.

The boisterousness was gone; there was almost a new timidity about her.

He stood grim and silent, watching the preparations and noting the exultation which often reached boisterousness.

Her manners have lost the boisterousness of school days, but still often want toning down according to English ideas.

He informed the visitor that Captain Colburne was out, but insisted with an amicable boisterousness upon his entering.

Our boisterousness in art is too self-conscious to be real, and our restraint is only a superficial legacy from Puritanism.