Bolas [noun]

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He hunts with a bola, a thin thong or string at each end of which is a heavy leather-covered ball of stone or iron.

Son of Mem Loimis, you will be a bola heris; you will be a great gambler.

It is also suggested that the name is derived from bola (anklets), as the women wear heavy brass anklets.

The bola was made by them of a single rounded stone, attached to a strap about five yards in length.

And it is a bola that lies before him; though one of a peculiar kind, as he sees after stooping and taking it up.

The bola de fuego, or the light of Aguirre, the Tyrant, is one of these ghosts.

Every bola heris that was lying inside the sweat-house was terribly thirsty.

They also make bows and arrows, spears and what the gauchos call "the lost bola."

Finally, a telegram was received announcing the departure from Paris of el nio de la bola.

Bola, and in the box on our right a man and a woman who had not taken off their masks.